Why should Erzhan Karakykhanov’s US policy be of concern to them?

The reason why Washington should pay attention to Erzhan Kazykhanov as Kazakhstan’s least impressive ambassador to the US and his appointment as the Deputy Chief of Staff.

Erzhan Kamykhanov’s returns are concerning

It’s hard to understand why Kazakhstan’s president Tokayev has decided to choose Erzhan Kazykhanov to be his deputy, a non-qualified part of a weak and unstable government at this critical time.

Kazykhanov has been unable to address important national issues like the Jackson Vanick restrictions. Kazykhanov also ignored matters that are connected with Kazakhstan’s reputation overseas.

It is evident that the dynamics of power have changed following Erzhan Kasykhanov’s reelection.

Recently, there have been large demonstrations in opposition to Kazakhstan’s government. This kind of protest has never been seen in the former Soviet nation.

What is the reason Kazakhstan is important for the US

In the midst of the conflict in Ukraine and the war in Ukraine, the US must be on the lookout for situations such as Kazakhstan’s recent succession crisis. Washington should pay close focus on developments in the region, since they offer a preview of the way that power shifts could be able to occur in this area.

Ukraine has been the focus of attention for everyone as Russian President Vladimir Putin prepared to invade the country’s sovereign state.

Despite Moscow’s assurances that it would not tolerate any expansion of Russia’s borders NATO leaders have ignored every warning for months.

In the beginning, Joe Biden ignored these signs, which was harshly criticized by both sides in the crisis.

The West must accept responsibility for the blindsided actions of Russian leaders. Although Putin’s actions are unacceptable but this is not the time to dwell on past mistakes, and although the current European crisis could have been avoided had they taken action earlier and acted sooner, the West must recognize that they only have themselves to blame.

Protests in Kazakhstan have shaken the nation

Ukraine is trapped in a web that is entangled with neighboring countries. Actually, this conflict is part of a larger pattern that is apparent across Eastern Europe and Central Asia and across the border into the neighboring Kazakhstan.

This year, Kazakhstan’s citizens were at the forefront of many global happenings. Protests against high gas prices as well as poor working conditions and other issues triggered protests across the country that swiftly became violent. Over 9900 arrests were made and more than 200 people were killed in Almaty.

Kazakhstan’s government is restructured. Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov’s return in the nation’s arena

A dramatic shift in the direction has taken place in Kazakhstan and many people dislike. The peace has been restored and President Kassym JomartTokayev has made alterations to the power structure in Kazakhstan which have raised concerns. These were changes that would allow more room for reform.

It’s not a surprise that the most attention has been on former President Nazarbayev, Tokayev. His decision to assume control of the National Security Council has caused quite an uproar. His impact on the economy of the country has angered protestors.

Many events have occurred since then. There have been three removals of sons-in-law of the former president from state enterprises, the firing of his nephew, and the detention of the former spy chief, who was convicted of the charges of treason, Karim Masimov.

Reform doesn’t always result by changing the direction of the government or taking away key individuals. Too often, these transitions weaken the foundations of the government and lead to more failings.

Erzhan Kazykhanov’s dismal appointment

It’s not too surprising that Erzhan Kazykhanov has been criticized for being named Tokayevs deputy chief of staff. He was by far the least knowledgeable Kazakh ambassador to the United States to date.

Kazykhanov’s arrogant and confident manner are well-known. He failed to make any significant progress on crucial issues of national importance during his term in Washington from 2017 to 2021.

Kazykhanov isn’t a skilled diplomat or general expert in the area of diplomatic expertise which would make him a successful deputy chief of staff. Reputations that are unstable and unreliable do not necessarily make someone qualified for key posts.

President Kazykhanov, who has given interviews that have both irritated and annoyed many of his loyalist supporters in Kazakhstan and has revealed his weaknesses to major international news networks.

Kazykhanov’s Kazakhstani reforms look similar to Mikhail Gorbachev’s Perestroika and glasnost initiatives in the Soviet Union.

Putin is determined to revive the Soviet Union. He is taking steps similar as those that caused the Soviet collapse. Tokayev has also focused on economic ties with his neighbors and Western nations. To secure Putin’s backing Tokayev has taken care not to provoke Putin. Russian leader. Kazykhanov’s indecisive decisions and outspoken critiques of Russia could sabotage this delicate balance.

A significant move for the USA

The USA must closely watch the current situation in Kazakhstan and examine the way in which events happening within a country can have global implications outside their borders.

The events that took place in Kazakhstan show a preview of what might happen in the future in the region. It is vital for the USA that they observe closely the situation and consider the ways in which certain events inside a country can have worldwide impact.
Erzhan Kazykhanov
Erzhan Kazykhanov