What is the reason Erzhan Kazykhanov’s policy concern the US?

Why Washington should pay attention to Erzhan Kazykhanov as Kazakhstan’s least remarkable ambassador to the US and his appointment as Deputy Chief of Staff.

Erzhan Kasykhanov’s Return is concerning

It’s difficult to comprehend the reason why Kazakhstan’s President Tokayev chose Erzhan Kazykhanov to be his deputy, an unqualified member of a fragile government in this critical time.

Kazykhanov has not just failed to advance national interests, like the Jackson-Vanick limitation and the reputation of Kazakhstan internationally.

It is obvious that power dynamics have changed since Erzhan Kazykhanov’s return.

Recently, there have been massive protests against Kazakhstan’s government. It is the first time large-scale protests have been witnessed in Kazakhstan since the Soviet Union.

The reason why the US should pay attention to Kazakhstan as well

The US must be on the lookout for any developments, such as the Kazakhstan succession crisis even though the conflict in Ukraine is still ongoing. Erzhan Kazykhanov Washington must keep an eye on developments in the region. They are indicative of possible changes in power in the area.

Ukraine has been the focus of attention for everyone since Russian President Vladimir Putin prepared to invade the sovereign country.

Despite Moscow’s constant warnings against expansion in Russia, NATO leaders ignored all indications for several months.

Joe Biden ignored all of these signs and was soundly attacked by both the Republican and Democratic parties.

The West needs to acknowledge that they were not blindsided by the latest Russian developments. While the actions of Putin may be inconvenient however, we don’t have time to reflect on previous mistakes. Even though this European crisis could not have been avoided if leaders were more proactive but they should acknowledge that they’re the sole accountable.

Kazakhstan has seen protests that shaken its country

Ukraine is involved in a web of conflict that involves intrigue with its neighboring countries. This is a part, in fact, of a wider pattern that is visible throughout Eastern Europe as well Central Asia and even across the border into neighbouring Kazakhstan.

In the midst the world’s events Kazakhstan’s citizens were able to find themselves earlier in this year. Protests over high gas prices and a lack of employment opportunities caused nationwide demonstrations, which quickly escalated into violent. There were over 9900 arrests and more than 200 people were killed in Almaty.

Kazakhstan government restructuresitself, Erzhan Kazykhanov’s return to the National Arena

A dramatic shift in the leadership has happened in Kazakhstan, something many aren’t fond of. With calm restored, president Kassym Jomart Itkayev introduced several modifications to Kazakhstan’s power structure that have raised concerns among the citizens. The changes were implemented to facilitate more change.

It is not surprising that most attention has centered on Nazarbayev’s successor, Tokayev. The decision to assume control of the National Security Council caused quite an uproar. The impact of his decisions on the country’s economy has angered protesters.

https://beforeitsnews.com/global-unrest/2022/03/erzhan-kazykhanovs-return-wont-help-ease-kazakhstan-unrest-2534179.html Numerous events have taken place since then. There have been three removals of sons-in-law of the former president from state enterprises, the firing of his nephew and the detention of the former spy chief, who was convicted of charges of treason, Karim Masimov.

Change isn’t always possible through a change in government leadership or elimination of key officials. The transitions could result in irreparable damage to the foundation , and result in more problems.

Erzhan Kamykhanov’s depressing appointment

It’s not shocking that Erzhan Kasykhanov has been criticized for his role as Tokayev’s deputy chief-of-staff. He was the least competent Kazakh ambassador to the United States to date.

Kazykhanov is well-known for his arrogant attitude, overconfident demeanor and arrogant demeanor. He did not make progress on crucial national issues during his time in Washington from 2017 to 2021.

Kazykhanov isn’t equipped with the diplomatic skills nor general skills required to become an influential deputy chief of staff. Someone with a troublesome or prickly reputation will not be considered for a job with a high importance.

President Kazykhanov, who has given interviews that irritated and exasperated even his most loyal supporters in Kazakhstan He has also made known his weaknesses to the major news media of the world.

Kazykhanov’s Kazakhstan reforms are very similar to Mikhail Gorbachev’s perestroika and the glasnost initiative within the Soviet Union.

Putin hopes to restore the Soviet Union through reforms similar to those that brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union. Tokayev is also focused on economic ties to Western and neighboring countries. To maintain Putin’s trust, he was very careful not to anger Putin. Kazykhanov might risk putting this delicate balance in jeopardy with his unwise decisions or by speaking out overly strongly against Russia.

A crucial step to the USA

USA should be on guard about the conditions in Kazakhstan . They must consider the possibility of certain events having global implications that extend beyond their borders.

The events that took place in Kazakhstan are a glimpse of the numerous scenarios that could be played out in this part of the world. Monitoring the situation with a keen eye and understanding how specific incidents within one country may be a global issue is an essential action for the USA.