What exactly is a stablecoin? And how can I buy them?

Russians started to buy stablecoins in the wake of Ukraine’s special operation. Let’s find out why this cryptocurrency is so popular, how you can purchase stablecoins, as well as who it can aid in the face sanctions.

What is stablecoin?

To estimate the price of services or goods offline, people utilize fiat currencies. cardano купить of cryptocurrency comes with its own metrics that include the number of transactions, the size of blocks and hashrate. We created a digital asset that is linked to fiat currencies and precious metals to provide additional functions to the Blockchain.

Stablecoins, also known as digital coins, are linked to the US Dollar (USD) in 1:1. Tether released the first stablecoin USDT in the year 2015. Tether also provides other stablecoins such as Circle’s USDC or BUSD. These coins are issued by Binance an exchange for crypto. The last letter from the company’s creator is highlighted by the closing letters.

Stablecoins allow savings in fiat currency to be converted quickly into digital currency. This lets you invest or trade immediately. Stablecoins can also help you save money on your crypto savings. In times of high volatility, you can change your cryptocurrency into stablecoins and keep an eye on conditions. The primary advantage of stablecoins is their capacity to act as an alternative for settlements when the currency exchange rate is instabil and it’s hard to buy a foreign one.

Why has the stablecoin market been growing?

Russia has seen an increase in demand for cryptocurrency over the last week, helping save money. The number of cryptocurrency users has also increased , as is the quantity of ruble deposits made on exchanges that deal in cryptocurrency. Stablecoins, specifically USDT, are second-most popular cryptocurrency behind bitcoin.

Statistics from various trading platforms indicate that the volume of users has increased by 2 to 3 times since February. Because the USDT stablecoin can be used as a replacement for cash American dollars, which are inaccessible, there is more demand than ever before for USDT.

EXMO cryptocurrency trading platform recorded an increase of huge amounts of ruble deposits. The reason for this is that the Binance exchange has stopped working using Visa and Mastercard credit cards that are that are issued in Russia.

The convenience of cryptocurrency and stablecoins to facilitate transfer of money between countries is an enormous benefit for Russians who have traveled to other countries. Stablecoins allow you to quickly exchange savings in rubles to foreign currency.

There is an increase in volume of cryptocurrency transactions on the p2p platform. These are the platforms where the transactions that involve crypto currencies take place between individuals. The platform itself functions as an intermediary and guarantor of the transaction. When a cryptocurrency is purchased and transferring it to his crypto wallet and then to a bank card.

Instructions: How to Buy stablecoins now

Crypto Exchanges

You can protect yourself best by buying stablecoins through an centralized platform. Unfortunately, many of these websites have implemented restrictions and make it difficult or impossible for Russian passport holders. It is also possible to use decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) that don’t hold the user’s funds. A fee for a specific blockchain is required for each operation.

P2P platforms

This is a relation model of equal-to-equal interactions. A lot of p2p platforms permit users to join and purchase or sell stablecoins. Here you can find great bargains on buying cryptocurrencies at rubles. It is also possible to utilize the platform to assure the purchase.

Two stages are required for the transaction to be completed:

the buyer sends to the seller’s card the amount that the buyer wants to purchase stablecoins.

The seller will send the buyer a crypto currency to his wallet in crypto.

Make sure to use reputable p2p websites to ensure you don’t lose your money. Before you make any purchase, check the number of orders and the percentage of completion. If you have more orders, the better, it will mean that the seller is reliable. Even if the success rate is low and the site is popular, it does not necessarily mean that you’ll get “thrown”. However, there are risks of delays and slow reactions from the seller.


There are two kinds:

– Online: The online exchanger lets the user enter his information, get payment details, perform transactions and then transfer the cryptocurrency into his wallet.

Online exchangers work in a way that is automatic. If you make a payment in rubles, make sure that the amount you pay for is exact. Otherwise, the robot will not be able to recognize it. To use the services of an exchanger, you’ll need to pay a 3-10% commission.

Offline exchangers operate in the same way as banks branches. You are able to make payments only through the exchanger.

How to remove restrictions

The rise of cryptocurrencies has made them one of the few effective solutions to preserve capital in the face an eroding ruble as well as the inability to purchase euros or dollars. Similar circumstances have been observed in other countries, such as Venezuela and Turkey.

Stablecoins offer a viable alternative to foreign currency. Because they are basically a digital representation of the dollar in the United States They aren’t subject to fluctuations and are different from other cryptocurrency.

Experts suggest that you use stablecoins to carry out operations that are currently not feasible in Russia due to restrictions. It is better to convert these tasks into cash or any other cryptocurrency that is decentralized once you’ve completed these operations.