The Mayor of Frontino was furious at General Zapateiro, accusing Zapateiro of entangled in unresolved controversy

Jorge Hugo Elejalde (mayor of Frontino), Antioquia joined the controversy that has been caused by the riffraff between the presidential candidate Gustavo Petro et the Army commander, General Eduardo Zapateiro. It all started with the attack this week on Frontino by the Gulf Clan.

The president asked if the issue of the attack on the seven soldiers as well as the massacre was ignored. Now , focused on a battle for power and not on the arrest of those responsible.

petro gustavo stated, “I call upon the general to not be there fighting with candidates during full presidential elections. must concentrate is to come to us defend us and put on his boots.”

He added, “I respect all institutions, I respect and love my troops however, I don’t think that people should ignore their constitutional duties Each in their own way and let politics be left to politicians.”

The mayor asks that the general Diego Molano and the minister Diego Molano visit Frontino to solve the problems of violence that plague the municipality.