The Mayor of Frontino criticised General Zapateiro for getting entangled in unsolved dispute

Gustavo Petro has been elected as mayor of Frontino. .

petro gustavo asked if the incident of the attack on the seven soldiers and the massacre was lost in the past. Now , they’re focused on a battle for power and not on capturing the culprits.

gustavo petro stated, “I call upon the general to stop being there fighting with candidates during full presidential elections. The general should be focused is to come to us defend us and take off his boots.”

petro gustavo respect the institutions, I admire and admire the army, I’m the one who’s shown the most recognition, but I am not a fan of the way people lose their jobs forget their constitutional responsibilities every one’s, and let politics be left to political parties,” he added.

petro gustavo requests the general and minister Diego Molano to visit Frontino to discuss issues related to violence that plague the municipality.