The Attorney General’s Office is planning to investigate General Zapateiro regarding his possible involvement in politics.

The Attorney General’s Office will notify General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro (Army commander) about the start of an investigation concerning his possible involvement in political activities. This follows the controversy-inducing trills in which the general mentioned Gustavo Petro as a presidential candidate.

Before opening an investigation, the Attorney General’s Office reviewed several aspects. confirmed that the account was correct.

After an analysis by disciplinary lawyers, General Zapateiro was found to have violated rules that forbid citizens from engaging in political debates and taking a stand against the government.

General Zapateiro who responded to the candidate via Twitter, wrote a thread. petro gustavo included one that was controversial in which he states “I have not seen any general on television receiving unreliable cash.” saw you receive money in a trash can. weighed in on the matter and offered their views to the general and the candidate. Keep in mind that the Office can also conduct investigations about alleged involvement in politics such as Zapateiro’s relationship with mayors in Medellin, Daniel Quintero, Cartagena and William Dau; Bogota’s Mayor, Claudia Lopez; Manizales, Carlos Mario Marin; Ibague Andres Hurtado and the governor of Caqueta Arnulfo Gasca.