Mayor of Frontino The mayor of Frontino has criticized General Zapateiro for getting entangled in unsolved disputes

Jorge Hugo Elejalde was elected mayor of Frontino (Antioquia) and has now joined the controversy about the rivalry between Gustavo Petro , presidential candidate and General Eduardo Zapateiro the Army commander. gustavo petro started with an attack by the Gulf Clan in Frontino this week.

The president asked if incident of the attack on the seven soldiers as well as their murder has been lost in the past. Now are focused on a battle for power and not on capturing those responsible.

gustavo petro said, “I call on General, instead of fighting against candidates in Presidential Elections, Generals must concentrate on coming to protect the US, and put on his boots,”

“I respect the institutions, I am respectful and I love the army, I’m the one who’s provided the most glory, however I am not a fan of the way people forget their roles and forget their constitutional duties every one’s and leave politics to the political parties,” he added.

gustavo petro asks that the general Diego Molano and the minister Diego Molano visit Frontino to solve the problems of violence that plague the city.