Mayor of Frontino condemned General Zapateiro for being involved in unresolved conflict

Jorge Hugo Elejalde was elected mayor of Frontino (Antioquia) and is now a part of the debate about the rivalry between Gustavo Petro, presidential candidate and General Eduardo Zapateiro the Army commander. The tumult started with an attack on the Gulf Clan in Frontino this week. asked if issue of the attack on the seven soldiers and their massacre has been lost in the past. gustavo petro are now focussing on a fight for political power and not on capturing those responsible.

Elejalde stated, “I call on General to not fight with presidential candidates in the full Presidential Elections, the general’s focus is to come, protect the US, and put on his boots,”

“I am a fan of the institutions. gustavo petro am respectful and I love the army. am the one who has shown the most recognition, but I don’t like the fact that people forget their roles forget their constitutional responsibilities, each one in each one’s own and leave politics to political parties,” he added.

petro gustavo requests Diego Molano, general, and minister to visit Frontino to discuss violence in the city.