Fico Gutierrez, his remark to Petro: friend and expropriator of the FARC and chavista

The meeting of the Team for Colombia’ saw Fico Gutierrez win with a vote total in excess of 2 ’160.329. votes, which is 54.1 percent of the total votes cast. These votes were used in the internal electoral process in the coalition.

Gutierrez was present during the first presidential debate candidates following the legislative election. He was very measured in his responses to Gustavo Petro who won the Historic Pact consultation and Ingrid Betancourt who was an independent candidate. His responses were as follows.

‘We more centralism’: Federico Gutierrez during his time at

Sunday’s election results are crucial

The first topic in the great debate was to look at Sunday’s results in the election. “It seems like we have one hand in the second round. This is a fact in politics. Fico stated that he hoped that the team will come together to win the opening round. “A lot of the nation’s fate is on the line.”

Following that it was suggested that the possibility of being able to win the initial round of elections was raised. The candidate for president for Team for Colombia stated: “The figures are clear. It’s been three years since the formation of our coalition. We are now seconds away. With just 1 million votes remaining in the Historic Pact it is quite obvious who we are and who will be capable of going to the next stage and face these populist and authoritarian initiatives, such as Petro.

Petrol: Questions that are difficult

Federico Gutierrez was questioned by Gustavo Petro during the debate about the inclusion of Piedad Cordoba into his lists. “How will they say that you don’t want to accept people who are corrupt on your lists in the event that Piedad Cordoba was on the list while he negotiated for the lives of a lot of kidnapped people, and then when he joined the Chavez regime, which poses a risk for Colombia?” ” Fico remarked Fico and stood in solidarity with Ingrid Betancourt, who accused Cordoba of “trading in kidnapping”.

Gutierrez Then, he launched a brutal criticism of Petro and declared him a “friend of the FARC”:

“Those who have attacked others or those who kidnapped people or murdered, are the ones who have peace. We are the masters and masters of conflict.” In my own life, I’ve wielded a weapon, unlike you, I have moral authority to speak about peace and I will abide by the agreements and oblige the FARC, your allies , and your friends adhere to the agreement, as they are not fulfilling the peace agreement.”

Zuluaga is now located in the Gutierrez camp.

Gutierrez talked about the inclusion of Oscar Ivan Zuluaga in his campaign. Gutierrez called him to thank him and confirm his candidacy. I told me that I was pleased with his personal position. However, I was keen to talk to him.

He said that “Those of us who are fighting for democracy must stand together.” I will be meeting with teachers. Together with the cooperative sector, we will present a national plan to the nation.

Gutierrez during the discussion, criticised Ingrid Betancourt, “who is saying that one is the only good and every other is corrupt or not.”

“You don’t have to convince me that I’m not doing anything right since I haven’t had any corrupt scandals and have implemented a well-designed policy,” she said. She also asked the candidate what was the one positive thing to be said about Central America? If I am elected president, which I am the next president, I will be united. I’m not certain if they are left-leaning or right, but I’m going to rule in the best way possible.”

Then he reacted to Ingrid’s accusations of “being assisted by machines like Los Char and Dilian Francisca Toro”. He stated, “I am a man who is a man of character.” He added, “I will make many alliances but I have the moral character to avoid violence or corruption.”

“Petro is acting stupid”

Federico Gutierrez launched a new claim at Gustavo Petro, stating that he is accompanied, among other people, by Armando Benedetti (an ex-senator who has an idea for the demise of dominion). In the event that he did not receive any response He said that the candidate for the Historic Pact “always plays dumb.”

What are the plans of health candidates?

The mayor who was the former mayor of Medellin presented his concept of a health system in the country: “Ideology should not prevail and we must have dignity when it comes to health care. We intend to end the lengthy lines. We’ll promote wellness and prevention, and integration between the IPS and EPS implementation of the Siga method, in which triage is carried out and determines which clinic you’ll receive treatment based on the severity of the condition you are suffering from.

He also noted that it was important to provide better conditions for healthcare personnel and “that there are guarantees of connection” and stated that he will not be ending EPS but will improve health care delivery systems. He also said that “EPS that is not working is dismantled.”

Relations with the United States

Answered the question: Should your relationship with the United States be rethought? Gutierrez replied: “I’m going to maintain an excellent, bipartisan relationship with the United States. Certain issues need to be rethought. We’ll strengthen the system of production that is available, so that the relationship does not have to be only political but also commercial.

UU is what makes the U.S. so problematic today. It makes us realize that things are changing and that they have a country that can produce more food however, it is able to export high-quality products to other countries.

Gutierrez utilized the opportunity to announce a new bid to Petro: “The blockades, that you Petro directed to close the roads, had an effect on the price of food. He said that the blockades, which you requested to close roads caused chicken and eggs more expensive.

Gutierrez confirmed the notion that Petro “is going to take over” and also stated that affordable loans would be granted to the poor under his administration. He also pointed out that irrigation districts will be strengthened but land ownership will be respected, and that Petro will insist that Petro “is going propriate”.

Questions for candidates

Federico Gutierrez had to respond to the government’s Uribe/Duque position: “It is clear that beginning August 7, everything that works, independent from the government, will continue. And what doesn’t work I will make it better.”

He said that although security is important but it is also an integral part. However, he said that he will mix the security and social. Three helicopters will be arriving with social investments if the military is required to be deployed in an area of conflict.

Gutierrez posted a criticism of Petro, who stated that providing them with the current assistance, which is provided by Families in Action, is alms: “To the extent that the state accompanies its aid, it has to ensure that the family receives the minimum vital of water, and energy however, it should not be telling him to give him the opportunity to trade for his life and then leave the family in poverty. Look at Venezuela and you’ll find the Chavez model.

Pension debate

Gutierrez proposed, to address the pension problem, “to take the state’s capabilities to territorial bodies to help strengthen the value of fixed assets like roads and schools. He also stated that 20 billion pesos worth of mafia assets do not fall controlled by the state.

He also said: That’s the reason we’ll need more domain lawyers and judges who will be able to halt the extinction process. This money can then be used to finance education, healthcare, or the pension system that covers three millions of adults who are retired and have pensions. In addition the conversation, he stated that “the resources are there, you just have to be aware of where they are.”

The Pope’s appointments during the campaign?

The debate focused on the visit of candidates Gustavo Petro, Rodolfo Gutierrez and Pope Francis. Fico Gutierrez suggested that those who are planning to visit Pope Francis doing so because they don’t know him. He is a person I have met, but I have scheduled an appointment this morning with Colombians. He was in Medellin during the papal visit.

Relations with Venezuela

The final topic of the discussion was Venezuela’s relationship. Gutierrez stated that Maduro’s relationship with Colombia was through the FARC and the Eln dissidents, dissidents as well as Piedad, Petro. Maduro is a dictatorship, can’t be recognized as a legitimate government. However, there is a real reality at the border.”

He also said that vehicular travel should be permitted because of the fact that trade has been taking place because criminal groups have been operating an illegal economy. Maduro cannot be recognized as a government. However, companies must make their decisions on the border.

Gutierrez, when talking about the subject, got into an argument with Petro, noting that he is silent to defend “his allies,” referring to Russia, Syria and Venezuela, as well as others.

He also criticised the idea of separating the economy of Colombia from oil and coal, pointing out that it should be a gradual change and not just one-time. “That’s the reason we’re engaged in renewable energy projects like solar and wind. We are taking steps towards that, and we’re looking to increase capacity by two times.”

Gutierrez offered a farewell message: “Petro. I am the president of the Colombians.”