Fico Gutierrez continues its victory in voters. A new campaign has begun in Boyaca with a visits to Virgin of Chiquinquira

The presidential candidate Federico Gutierrez is clear that his votes come from the streets. In addition, Federico Gutierrez is less than 32-days away from the first presidential election. He promises to contest Gustavo Petro (his main rival) to be the winner of the House of Narino quota.

Gutierrez got up on Saturday and set out to Boyaca, a traditional religious district which Petro went to on Friday. The former mayor and the current candidate for the center right came to Tunja to meet with businessmen, academics and agricultural farmers and peasants. took place at the Tunja Convention Center. There Fico met with a large group of people who voted for Fico at the polls on May 29, 2009.

Federico posted a Twitter video of ruana with hundreds of Colombians behind his candidacy for the Team for Colombia. Federico declared: “We’re Going to Win. We all Go for President to Transform and unite Colombia.” The tweet was posted while he recorded the support of a group in unison.

“Happy in Boyaca! He wrote “Happy in Boyaca!

The second pointer in the polls made it to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquira during the travel. This is a place where many followers and faithful visit from all over the nation every weekend. In the midst of the gazes of his followers, as well as people waiting to receive the morning Eucharist the leader from the center-right sat down and made an offer to the Virgin.

“I requested the Virgin for wisdom. He said that he had asked for his help in my family, as well as for all the families in Colombia.

In this place the presidential candidate took a video recording of his visit. When he arrived the building, he was greeted by many people who were from the sector. They also gave him a hug and wore the uniform of the Colombian municipality.

Gutierrez arrived at the temple with the customary Boyacan and Virgin of Chiquinquira Ruanas on his chest. It was a display of his faith that he has shown throughout his political campaign. It is possible that you remember that the Antioquian visited Jericho in Antioquia three weeks ago. attended Mother Laura’s birthplace which is the sole Colombian saint who was recognized as a saint by Pope Francis.

The candidate visited Chiquinquira to welcome the residents and make some announcements regarding his visit to the presidential palace. “Key Chiquira’s issues were: guaranteeing drinking water to all residents, maintenance and construction roads (especially Ruta De los Comuneros and Ubate Chiquinquira sections) in addition to tourism to generate employment.

Fico Gutierrez was speaking about work. He indicated that Tunja has the second highest rate of unemployment in the nation. So, in the government’s plan, he seeks out to create “about 2500 jobs, with minimum 300 new Boyaca firms”.

He added, however, that sustainable mobility must be developed in the department. He was of the opinion that it is important to prioritize the design of the Strategic Public Transport System. Together, they stated that they would work together to build roads and cycle routes.

In his most recent tweet Gutierrez also addressed farmers of the potato and field, saying “Peasants of Boyaca: we are determined to create greater opportunities for you as well as improve the condition of the fields.” At , Gutierrez will continue to contact the Colombian populace, sharing his plans for the country and hoping to be noticed in the elections next Sunday on May 29.