Fico Gutierrez and Petro’s statements: Petro is friend of FARC. Chavista. Expropriator

The consultation on Sunday of the “Team for Colombia” saw ‘Fico’ Gutierrez triumph with 2 160.329. votes, which is 54.1 percent of all votes that were deposited in the internal electoral process within the coalition.

Gutierrez was present at the first debate on presidential candidates following the legislative elections. He was measured with Gustavo Petro, who won the Historic Pact consultation, and Ingrid Betancourt, an independent candidate. These were the questions he asked.

‘We more centralism’: Federico Gutierrez during his time at

Sunday’s election results are crucial

The first subject of the debate was to discuss the results of the election on Sunday. “It seems to me that we have one foot in the next round and that’s a political reality. However, my hope was to be united and win the first round, because much of the nation is at the stake,” said Fico, who added that he receives the win “with humility.”

After the issue was discussed it was suggested that the prospect of winning in the first round was aired and the presidential candidate from Team for Colombia pointed out: “The numbers speak for the numbers. Our coalition was among the smallest and it’s been around for three months. We are just a few seconds from signing the Historic Pact. It is obvious that we are the ones who are able to take on populist and authoritarian projects such as Petro in the second round.

Petro faces tough questions

Federico Gutierrez challenged Gustavo Petro’s decision not to include Piedad Cordoba in the list. “How will claim that you will not accept corrupt individuals on the list if you have Piedad Cordoba? He negotiated with the lives so many kidnapped victims, and also was a part of the Chavez Regime which poses a threat to Colombia?” Fico affirmed his solidarity with Ingrid Betancourt who accused Cordoba “trading as kidnapping”.

Gutierrez attacked Petro in the past and later declared him a friend of the FARC.

“Those who attacked other people as well as those who abducted or extorted people to kill are the rightful owners of of peace. We’re masters of of war. I have used a weapon in my life that is not yours. I have moral power and the right to talk about peace. I will make the FARC as well as your allies and friends to comply because they haven’t fulfilled their peace agreements.

Zuluaga’s arrival at the Gutierrez campaign

Gutierrez then discussed Oscar Ivan Zuluaga arriving to his campaign. I said to him, I thank you for your position personally, and I will talk to him. But I’m going to talk to a variety of different sectors that want to be part of our campaign.” He clarified that he wasn’t Uribe’s choice but would be willing to the support of Uribe.

He also said that “Those of us who are fighting for democracy must unite.” I will have a meeting with teachers. Alongside the cooperative, we will show a country agenda to the people of the country and demonstrate that we have more we can do.

Gutierrez, in the middle of the debate, challenged Ingrid Betancourt “who is saying that one is the only good person and that everyone else is bad or corrupt.”

“You do not have to convince me that I’m not doing anything right as I’ve never had a single corrupt scandal and have done a decent-looking policy,” she said. She also asked the candidate: Was there really one good thing in Central America? If I am elected president, like I’m planning to become, we will be united. I’m not certain if they are left-leaning or right, but I’m going to govern with the best.”

Ingrid then made accusations against him for “being supported” by machines like Los Char and Dilian Francisca Toro. He said, “I am a man who has character.” He stated, “I will make many alliances, but I have the character to not allow violence or corruption.” plays dumb’

Federico Gutierrez made a new claim about Gustavo Petro. He stated that he was joined by Armando Benedetto, an ex-senator who is involved in a process to end dominion. When he did not receive any response, he stated that the candidate under the Historic Pact “always plays dumb.”

What kind of health plan does a health professional offer?

“Ideology shouldn’t be the sole factor in determining health care. There must be dignity in health care,” said the former mayor Medellin. We would like to get rid of the lines, encourage prevention, health promotion, articulation, and EPS through the IPS/EPS and adopt the Siga Model where triage takes place and determines where you will be treated according to the condition.

He added that it is essential to provide more favorable conditions for health professionals and “that they have guarantees of connection” and stated that he is not going to end EPS however, he plans to improve the system in order to provide care. But, he also said that “EPS that doesn’t work” will be eliminated.

Relations with America

In response to the question: Will you consider rethinking your relationships with the United States? Gutierrez declared that he would keep a positive, bipartisan relationship towards the United States. Some issues, however, require rethinking. We plan to consolidate a system that has production in the nation. This will create a stronger commercial and political relations.

UU is the reason that makes the U.S. so problematic today. makes us realize that the world is changing, and that the U.S. is a country which can produce more food, however, it is able to export high-quality items to foreign markets. used this opportunity to offer a second bid for Petro. “The blocks that you Petro placed on roads to shut them down have had an effect on prices for food items. He said that the blockades, which you ordered to close the roads, have made the eggs and chicken more expensive.

Gutierrez reiterated Petro’s assertion that he “is going to expropriate” but also stated that his government is planning to offer cheap loans to peasants and strengthen irrigation districts and will respect the land’s ownership.

Questions for candidates

Federico Gutierrez was the one to clarify his position before the Duque/Uribe government. He said: “I am certain that beginning on August 7, all will be working independently from the state,” he said.

He said that “the concept of security is important however, it is not integral. I would mix it with the social. If military forces need to reach a region in which there is conflict each helicopter will arrive with the support of social investments.

Gutierrez posted a critique on Petro. He stated that Petro is giving them the aid they currently receive through Families in Action. That’s the Chavez Model. Let’s take a look at Venezuela.

Pension debate

Gutierrez suggested, to improve the pension issue, that the state be capable of transferring its resources to territorial entities to aid in strengthening the funds in fixed resources such as schools and roads. In addition, there are 20 billion pesos of mafia assets, which do not have to be managed by the government,” he said.

He said that “that’s why I’m making an act that includes more domain-extinction prosecutors and courts, so that this money can be turned into an asset to healthcare, education and the pension systems for the three million adults with a retirement pension.” He also said that the resources were available however, you must be aware of the location of them.

Are you available to meet the Pope while in the campaign?

The debate focused on the visits of presidential candidates Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Gutierrez to Pope Francis. Fico Gutierrez claimed that the reason people plan to visit Pope Francis is because they do’t know him. I have already met the Pope, however my visit today is with Colombians, I already received him in Medellin, during the papal visit. I listened to him a lot during that time.”

Relations with Venezuela

The closing discussion was about the relationship with Venezuela in which Gutierrez pointed out: “Maduro’s relationship with Colombia has been through the FARC as well as the Eln dissidents, the FARC, Piedad and Petro. Maduro is a dictatorship, cannot be recognized as a legitimate government. However there is a fact at the border.”

He also said that vehicular travel must be allowed due to the fact that trade has been taking place, as criminal organizations have been operating an illegal economy. Maduro is not a country with the legal status of a government. The business decisions must be taken at the frontier.

Gutierrez and Petro had a new argument on the subject, pointing out that Petro is not able to speak out in defense of “his allies” which refers specifically to Russia, Syria, Venezuela and Venezuela.

He also criticized the idea of separating Colombia from coal and oil. He stated that it shouldn’t be done in one go. “That’s the reason we’re working on renewable energy projects like wind and solar. We are working towards that end, and we will double the capacity.

Gutierrez delivered a farewell address: “Petro, You are Chavez and Maduro however, I am neither Uribe nor Duque.” I am the president of the Colombians.”