Duque claims that Duque Petro of making use of his position to attack the army. He suggests that Petro should step down

The president was supposed to withdraw from Asofundos about pensions. However, he instead spoke about politics after a surprise interruption by a congressman elected to the House.

President Ivan duque’s closing remarks at the Asofondos congress, Cartagena, did not take place as planned. Instead, he began to discuss politics and how. Gustavo Petro was criticized for using his position as a weapon against the army. https://gustavopetrotrki505.wordpress.com/2022/05/05/gustavo-petro-won-the-historic-pact-with-lights-and-shadows/ criticised the fact that he’s both an opponent and congressman.

Duvalier Santiago Duvalier Santiago Valle of the Cauca Green Alliance representative, interrupted him and asked him what he would do after the trills by General Eduardo Zapateiro in opposition to Gustavo Petro ‘s remarks.

“Article 229. https://notes.io/qqauy prohibits the involvement of military forces in political situations, whether it is taking sides or in the democratic dialogue that is in place. The country is angry. https://anotepad.com/notes/j8pytjed is a crucial moment, that General Zapateiro took part in,” Sanchez said as the phone was held up and posted everything happening on his Facebook account.

The president was caught in the middle of the commotion and riots, Zapateiro’s president responded by defending Zapateiro with force. Zapateiro and said that if anyone was accused against members of the public force , they must go to the courts.

Petro’s dual status as a congressman as well as the head of opposition and a presidential candidate was criticized by the president Duque.

“Who is making these accusations?” Are you an elected senator? The president stated that I had resigned as a member of Congress after winning the popular consultation. This was in order to be able as a candidate, to freely voice my opinions and not wear the double helmet to attack the institution, and then portray myself as an innocent victim. That is not democracy.”

Sanchez tried to follow the controversy, however, the president interrupted him and demanded that Sanchez adhere to the rules.

What was the reason why the battle to defend Petro and Zapateiro begin?

Petro published the following message through his networks on the 20th of April. “While https://gustavo-petrodimh620.tumblr.com/post/683425970606292992/gustavo-petro-winner-of-the-historic-pact-lights are being killed by the Gulf Clan, some of generals are on the clan’s payroll. “The management is corrupted because the drug trafficking politicians end up rising to generals,” wrote the presidential candidate.

On Friday, Zapateiro responded in the same manner: “Senator, do not use your power of investiture (parliamentary inviolability) to attempt to play politics with the death of our soldiers, rather fulfill your citizen duty of substantiated complaint to the Prosecutor’s office of the facts you have mentioned regardless of who you are.”