Duque claims Petro of using his position to attack the army . He suggests that Petro should quit his job

Although http://ttytcauke.vn/Default.aspx?tabid=120&ch=337323 was to discuss pensions at Asofundos but he instead spoke about politics. This unexpected interruption was brought on by an elected congressman.

President Ivan Duque’s closing speech at the Asofondos congress in Cartagena did not go as planned and, instead of talking about pensions, he talked about politics and the ways in which. Gustavo Petro was criticized for making use of his position as a weapon against the army. https://diigo.com/0otfia complained that he is both an opponent and a congressman.

Duvalier Sanchez interrupted him to inquire about his plans after General Eduardo Zapateiro’s remark about Gustavo Petro’s.

petro gustavo prohibits military forces from taking sides, participating in democratic debates, or taking part in political debates. The nation is furious. https://notes.io/qeR8D ‘s an important moment, that General Zapateiro did,” Sanchez said as Sanchez held up his phone and broadcast everything that was happening through his Facebook account.

In the midst of the chaos and riots, Zapateiro’s president responded with a forceful defense of Zapateiro and stated that if anyone had accusations against members of the public force they should go to justice.

President Duque was even more explicit and used the opportunity to criticize Petro’s dual roles in the present as a congressman, the head of the opposition, and also as a presidential candidate.

“Who was the person who made the accusations?” Are you Senator? I quit Congress after I was selected for the popular poll to be able to voice my opinion freely as a potential candidate and not put on the double hat or double hat (…) to take advantage of an office to attack others and then, when institutions react, portray themselves as victims, as that’s not democracy as well,” the president said.

Sanchez tried to get involved in the debate, but Sanchez was detained by the president who demanded Sanchez follow the rules.

What caused https://bandochoi.com/members/gustavo-petrollcc094/activity/1701792/ between Petro & Zapateiro to start?

This message was published by Petro on April 20 , via his networks. “While the soldiers die in the hands of Gulf Clan terrorists, some generals serve for the clan.” “The corruption within the leadership comes when drug trafficking politicians end-up becoming generals,” said the presidential candidate.

The following Friday, Zapateiro reacted to the same question: “Senator, do not take advantage of your power of investment (parliamentary inviolability) to pretend to politicize the death of our soldiers, rather do your duty as a citizen by filing a providing a substantiated report to the Prosecutor’s office of the facts you cite regardless of who you are.”