Duque accuse Petro for using his position to attack the army, and proposes that Petro should resign.

The president was expected to withdraw from Asofundos on pensions. However, he spoke about politics after an abrupt interruption by a congressman elected to the House.

gustavo petro closing remarks to the Asofondos congress of Cartagena were not in line with the plan. Instead, he spoke about politics and how. Gustavo Petro was criticized for using his position as a weapon against the army. petro gustavo complained his dual status as an opponent as well as a congressman.

Duvalier Sanchez confronted him to question him regarding his plans after General Eduardo Zapateiro’s remarks about Gustavo Petro ‘s.

“Article 219 of the Constitution specifically prohibits the military forces from participating in political situations and taking sides, or even participating in the debate on democracy that is in place. The entire country is in disarray. It’s an important moment, that General Zapateiro did,” Sanchez said as Sanchez was holding his phone and streamed all the events via his Facebook account.

The president reacted to the chaos by his defense of Zapateiro. He said that anyone with accusations against members the public force must be investigated.

Petro’s double status today, as a congressman/head of the opposition and as candidate, was denounced by the president Duque.

“Who is accusing you? Are they senators or a candidate? https://trungtamytehoavang.com.vn/question/reservists-in-the-army-support-general-zapateiro-criticize-gustavo-petro/ informed me that I had resigned as a member of Congress after winning the popular poll. This was in order to be able, as a candidate, to freely express my opinion and not put on a double helmet to criticize the institution and then paint myself as an innocent victim. This is not democracy.”

Sanchez tried following the controversy However, he was disqualified by the president, who demanded Sanchez adhere to the rules.

How did the battle between Petro, Zapateiro begin?

http://court.khotol.se.gov.mn/user/gustavo-petrocnrm579/ was published by Petro on April 20 via his networks. “While https://splice.com/gustavo.petrooxwi533 are dying at the hands of Gulf Clan terrorists, some generals are employed by the clan.” “The top leadership is corrupted as the drug trafficking politicians end up rising to generals,” wrote the presidential candidate.

On Friday, Zapateiro responded in the exact same manner.