Duque accuse Petro de using his job for attacking the army and proposes that Petro should quit.

While the president was scheduled to discuss pensions at Asofundos however, he chose to speak about politics. This unexpected interruption was made by a elected congressman.

President Ivan Duque’s closing remarks to the Asofondos congress in Cartagena were not in line with plan. Instead https://www.onfeetnation.com/profiles/blogs/hard-cross-between-gustavo-petro-und-general-zapateiro-8 spoke about politics and the ways in which. Gustavo Petro ‘s decision to use his seat to attack and criticize the military was something that he criticized.

Duvalier Sánchez, Valle del Cauca’s representative to the Chamber, interjected to interrupt him to ask what he would do following the trills from General Eduardo Zapateiro, who had been defending Gustavo Petro ‘s statements.

“Article 219 prohibits military forces from taking sides, participating in democratic debates or participating in political discussions. petro gustavo is stunned. Sanchez declared, “It’s a critical time what General Zapateiro has done,” as he held his phone and broadcast the entire event on his Facebook page.

In the midst of all the chaos, the president responded by offering a strong defense of Zapateiro and stated that if anyone made allegations against members of the public force they should go to justice.

Petro’s dual roles as a congressman, as well as head of the opposition and candidate today was further criticised by President Duque.

“Who is accusing me of this?” Are you an elected senator? The president stated that I had resigned as a Member of Congress following the successful consultation. The reason for this was that I wanted to allow me, as a candidate, to freely express my opinion and not wear an uni-helmet to attack the institution and then present myself as the victim. This is not democracy.”

Sanchez attempted to follow the debate, however, the president opposed him and demanded he observe the guidelines.

What was the reason for the war between Petro, Zapateiro begin?

This message was posted by Petro on the 20th of April via his social media networks. “While the soldiers die at the hands of Gulf Clan terrorists, some generals serve for the clan.” petro gustavo of the clan’s leadership is evident when it’s those who traffic in drugs eventually become generals.” The presidential candidate wrote

The response on Friday was exactly the same “Senator,” he said, “Do not use your power of investiture to politicize our deaths, rather, fulfill your citizen obligation of substantiated complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office of the facts that are mentioned, whoever and wherever you are.”