Do we need to ask the US be focusing its attention on Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov’s alarming returns?

Erzhan Kyzykhanov’s appointment to the role of Deputy Chiefs of Staff is counterproductive. Find out the reasons why the US should worry about Kazykhanov’s return.

What is the reason why should the US be focused on Erzhan Kazykhanov ‘s alarming return?

The appointment of Erzhan Kasykhanov to the post of Deputy Chief of Staff in Kazakhstan has forced the government to change to a different reality. In reaction to the change in power protests erupted in Kazakhstan.

Washington should pay greater focus on Kazakhstan than any other moment, even though the conflict in Ukraine is still raging.

Be aware that the final image shows the power succession that could look like in this region . This could be for good or ill.

Russian troops’ invasion of Ukrainian territory is a source of concern and the United States and its allies must take action to stop Putin’s aggression.

We can’t ignore the reality that NATO has provoked Russia for years and much of this conflict is the result of NATO mistakes.

As the conflict with Russia grows between West and Russia, Washington should monitor the developments in Kazakhstan.

Concern is expressed over Erzhan Kazykhanov ‘s return

The President’s decision to not choose to appoint Erzhan Kykhanov to an unstable state during a crisis is incomprehensible.

Kazykhanov made no advancements on national security, including the Jackson Vanick limitations.

Other problems related to Kazakhstan’s international standing were also a component of the reason for the debacle.

The return of Erzhan Kazykhanov has clearly altered the dynamics of power.

Recently, protests have taken place against the current government in Kazakhstan. A public outcry that this magnitude has not been seen before in the nation.

Protests have shaken Kazakhstan

Comparisons should be made between the present situation in Ukraine and the recent developments in the region.

The colour revolutions that occurred between 2003 between 2003 and the year 2005 was among the reasons for unrest in Kazakhstan and Belarus.

It’s not often people in Central Asia, a former Soviet state, are this unhappy.

Protests started this year after increasing gas prices and increased unemployment. The result was that violence was rife across the country.

Almaty witnessed more than 9000 nine hundred arrests, and 227 people were killed. It is the largest city in the country with the highest deaths.

Russian troops of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, (CSTO), were deployed to the region.

Restructure Kazakhstan’s government

The Kazakhs were subjected to a sudden shift in their leadership, which is a source of discontent for many.

Kassym Jomart Tokayev made changes to his country’s power structure that have sparked discontent among the population.

Protesters have been especially furious at President Tokayev in appointing former President Nursultan Kazarayev to head the National Security Council .

Protesters were concerned by his influence on the country’s economy’s growth.

Since then, numerous events have taken part. Three sons of the former president were banned from state-owned enterprises. His nephew was fired and Karim Masimov, the former chief of his spy agency, was detained on charges of treason.

The government officials aren’t the only ones to have been dismissed by Nazarbayev. Other members of his business circles have moved to different countries or received huge “donations.”

Sometimes, changing the government or eliminating old guards do not always result in change. Often, former loyalists and their relatives are chosen to succeed them.

Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov’s bizarre appointment

Erzhan Kazykhanov’s selection as the deputy chief of staff been widely criticised for apparent reasons. He is also the Kazakh ambassador to the United States who has shown the least amount of competence.

As an Washington diplomatic official, Kazykhanov was considered aloof, arrogant, self-confident, and sometimes unresponsive to the sensitivity of his country’s image overseas. His performance was less than spectacular.

Because of his problematic and unbecoming reputation, Kazykhanov is an unlikely candidate for key positions.

It could be difficult for him to become an influential Chief of Staff deputy because he is not able to demonstrate the ability to communicate and the general skills required.

The most passionate supporters of Kazykhanov are not happy with his frequent appearances on international news channels that expose his flaws.

Tokayev was a sloppy decision selecting an unstable, incompetent and self-promoting deputy to a weak government at such a crucial time.

Tokayev’s Kazakhstan reforms are similar to Mikhail Gorbachev’s Perestroika or Glasnost initiatives within the Soviet Union.

Perestroika refers to Mikhail Gorbachev’s mid-1980s programme to reform Soviet economy and political systems. Glasnost is a reference to his change in policy.

The reforms that were implemented were the main reason why the Soviet Union collapsed. This is exactly what Putin wants to reverse. Tokayev has also established economic relations with nations that surround his own and the West. He has not attempted to sever ties with Putin and has kept his support. This delicate balance could be shattered by Kazykhanov.

An idea

The invasion of a sovereign nation was inevitable, considering how NATO leaders did not listen to Moscow’s warnings.

Joe Biden ignored all warning signs. This resulted in harsh criticism from both parties.

Russian President Putin often spoke out against NATO attempts to attack Russian territorial.

While Putin’s actions are likely to be criticised, leaders from the West have to admit that they contributed to the crisis. However, this isn’t a time to dwell upon previous mistakes.

It is easy to see the fact that we live the aftermath of European crisis which could have been prevented.

Even though the West could have prevented this European crisis if they had earlier acted, they must admit that they are only accountable.