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Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain… What does it all mean?
Let’s get started with some definitions. Blockchain technology is the basis for cryptocurrency to exist. Bitcoin is among the most widely known cryptocurrency. It was the first that created blockchain technology. A cryptocurrency, similar to the US dollar, is a means of exchange. It is however digital and utilizes encryption technology to regulate the creation of currency units as well as verify that funds are transferred.
What exactly is blockchain technology?
Blockchain is a blockchain that is decentralized which tracks all transactions in the peer-to-peer network. Users can confirm transactions with this technology without the need for a central clearing agency. Potential applications can include fund transfers, settlement trades or voting, among many other things.

Blockchain has many potential uses that extend beyond cryptocurrency and bitcoin.
It’s useful to view the blockchain technology from a business perspective as a type of next-generation software for improving processes in business. Blockchain technology, a type of collaborative technology, has the potential to enhance the efficiency of business processes among companies. It could also reduce the “cost per trust” which could result in substantially higher returns on investment in comparison to traditional internal investments.

Financial institutions are looking into how blockchain technology can be used to revolutionize everything, from clearing and settlement to the insurance industry. These articles will aid you to understand these developments and ways to transform them into a real-world reality.

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Blockchain announcements are still happening, but they are less frequent than they were in the past, and receive less media attention. Financial services has the potential to experience a totally modern competitive future using blockchain technology.