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A crypto wallet is a place where your crypto can be safely kept. There are numerous kinds of crypto wallets. However, the most well-known ones are hosted wallets. They include hardware and non-custodial wallets.

The best option for you will depend on your objectives and the security net you want.

Hosted wallets
The most popular and straightforward to set-up crypto wallet is a hosted one. Your crypto is automatically stored in a hosted wallet when you purchase it through Coinbase. This is referred to as host because it allows users to keep their cryptocurrency, much like banks keep your funds in a savings or checking account. People have been known to lose their keys or USB wallets. But with an online wallet, you don’t have to be concerned about this.

A hosted wallet offers the primary benefit of storing your cryptocurrency. If you forget your password, your crypto won’t be lost. However, you won’t be able to access all of the crypto features a hosted wallet offers. Hosted wallets might in the near future be able to provide more features.

How to set up a hosted wallet:

It is important to choose one you are comfortable with. The most important considerations are security, accessibility, and compliance with government and financial regulations.

Create your account. Enter your personal info and choose a secure password. To add a security layer, it is recommended that you use two-step verification (2FA) Also known as 2FA. or transfer cryptocurrency. The majority of cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms let users purchase crypto with the credit or debit card of a bank. If you already have cryptocurrency, you can transfer it into your new host wallet to keep it safe.

Self-custody wallets
Self-custody wallets like Coinbase Wallet lets you be in complete control of your cryptocurrency. Non-custodial wallets don’t rely on a third party — or even a “custodian” — to safeguard your crypto. Your responsibility for protecting and remembering your password lies completely with you. Your crypto won’t be available if you have lost or forgotten your password (also known as a “private keys” or “seed phrases”). If you forget or lose your password, then anyone will have access to your crypto assets.

Why would you need an account that is not custodial? The security of your cryptocurrency is in your control. Furthermore, you will have access to more advanced cryptocurrency activities like yield farming (staking) and lending and borrowing, lending and many other advanced options. Hosted wallets are the most suitable alternative if you are only looking to purchase, sell or send crypto.

How to set up non-custodial cash:

Install your wallet app. Most popular options include Bitcoin Wallet.

Create your account. Not even an email address.

Remember to record your private key. It’s displayed in the form of a random 12-word phrase. It should be kept safe. This 12-word phrase will block you from using your cryptocurrency.

Transfer cryptocurrency to your wallet. It’s not always feasible to purchase crypto with traditional currency (such such as US dollars and Euros) and, therefore, you’ll need transfer crypto from another source.

If you’re a Coinbase customer, you’ll have your choice of an online wallet or self-custody. Coinbase is a hosted wallet. It allows you to purchase and sell cryptocurrency. To reap the benefits of the standalone Coinbase Wallet, you can also install the Coinbase Wallet App. Most of our customers use both. It is easy to purchase cryptocurrency using traditional money and participate in the latest cryptocurrency-related activities. Both wallets can be setup free of charge.

Hardware wallets
Hardware wallets are physical device that is about the size of thumb drives, that keeps the private keys of your crypto offline. They are costly and more complicated than most people think. However, they offer certain advantages. They will protect your cryptocurrency even if your computer gets attacked. This level of security makes them more difficult to use and can cost up to $100 to purchase.

How to make a wallet with a hardware:

Buy the hardware. Trezor is the most well-known brand.

Start the program. The software can be downloaded from the company’s official website. Follow the directions to set up your wallet.

You can transfer crypto into your wallet.

Just as there are many ways to store cash (in a bank account or in a safe under the mattress), there are many ways to store crypto. A hosted wallet is an ideal option. You also be in complete control of your crypto with the non-custodial option. Also, you can get added security by using a hardware wallet. With cryptocurrency, the possibilities are limitless.