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Since the night of Sunday, Federico Fico Gutierrez, the Colombian presidential candidate has been the strongest. Even though ‘s not the first time that his name is on an electoral document – in fact, he was mayor and councilor in Medellin and his first attempt in a national election that he won more than 2 million votes in the Team for Colombia coalition, they place him as an ideal candidate for the conservative movements or those who are frightened about the possibility of a leftist president. Fico (47 year aged Medellin) is, at the time, Gustavo Petro’s main opposition. Gustavo Petro was with the Historic Pact Movement one of the top candidates in the elections that determined was the representative of the three biggest political parties were.

The presidential campaign has just begun and the future of the former mayor of Medellin is contingent on the alliances he builds and the talks he gets into. He won’t just be required to bring together the entire rights of the right in his banner, but he will have to conquer a part of the voters of the center, who on Sunday was deflated and without an impressive leadership. To do this, he’ll need to continue to avoid appearing in the same picture as Alvaro Umribe, which was his practice up to this point. Today, acceptance of uribsm has now been expressed in a public manner. Now, it is possible to subtract rather than add and this is the first time this has happened in 20-years. “Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He must join the Democratic Center, Uribe’s political party. However, he also must convince the center that it can decide where it would like to move,” Yann Basset (an analyst and professor at University of Rosario) says.

As it moves towards an alliance with the CD in the region in which uribism is a major issue This Monday Fico has already won its first victory. decided to step aside, recognize his limited options for competing with him and offered his support. The next step is to examine if the whole Uribismo group – which is without an elected representative is doing the same. Especially when Uribe gives his support openly and tries to convince his voters with the classic issues of the Colombian right, which should not be a problem for him. His remarks of “security” as well as ‘order’ opportunities, and love of the country’ have already demonstrated that Uribe has the ability to increase votes. He confirmed it on Sunday with the electoral consultation, as he did before when he worked in the mayor’s office of the capital city of Antioquia, where he was popularly known as the sheriff of Medellin. In a recent trip to Arauca (an area that has been particularly affected by violence) Fico said “The bandits are in prison or in the grave.” Fico knows well what the Colombian right wing is a fan of, but it will not suffice for Fico.

Basset points out, “We aren’t in 2018, where the fear of the left has worked well,” According to Basset, the fact that the image of Alvaro Uribe is not that of the absolute leader that the nation had since 2002, when Uribe was elected president the first time. Also, that his political party, the CD which is currently going through a rough patch and could see Fico avoid receiving at the very least, Uribe’s support. It doesn’t mean Uribismo’s vote, regardless of whether they are not in the top tier, do not matter to Gutierrez. As was , or when he tried to get into Medellin’s Mayor’s Office, Uribe supported Gutierrez even when he was the presidential candidate of his party. Uribism is also the reason for this victory. Basset warns “Now his skill as a negotiator (winning in the coalition] is assessed by his ability to convince the right people, and not to invest all on that alliance.” In relation to this alliance between the former president and Fico, an analyst Andres Mejia Vergnaud explains “the great difficulty of Federico Gutierrez is that he wants the votes of Uribismo but not the photo with Uribe as it doesn’t suit him to be his candidate”.

Gustavo Petro is the only leader on the left But Gustavo Petro is the only one from the right. Fico, if he can negotiate, will convince him to provide his backing and quit. Rodolfo Hernández, who was uninvolved, is still in contest. Gutierrez is expected to have many accomplishments to include the ex-mayor of Bucaramanga who is a builder and millionaire. has plenty to do before he can even consider possible presidential formula names, however, he’s got the backing of other candidates from the Team for Colombia coalition. It’s not all that. He is joined by two ex-mayors, Enrique Penalosa of Bogota and Alex Char of Barranquilla; the leader of the Conservative party David Barguil and Aydee Zarazo Aydee Zarazo, who is a Christian party leader who are judiciously voting in accordance with the guidelines of the lectern in his church.

Along with the strengthened Conservative Party, it was the most popular right-wing group in Congress with over two million votes. The U Party also supported it with a stunning vote with just more than 1 million votes. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga’s backing, who did not let the Sunday’s elections go by and thereby avert his defeat before a potential contest for votes from the right, gives Fico an advantage in the conservative wing but it also keeps him away from possible votes from within the middle. According to Alvaro Uribe, former president, Fico will have to decide if he’s willing to take a risk at the center in order to enjoy the opportunity to be most blessed by Uribe.