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Since the election on Sunday night Federico Fico Gutierrez , the Colombian presidential candidate, has been the most powerful. Even though it’s not the first time that his name is on an electoral document – in fact, he was a councilor and mayor of Medellin and his first attempt in a national election that he won more than 2 million votes in the Team for Colombia coalition, they have him listed as an ideal candidate for the conservative parties or those who are frightened by the thought of the possibility of a leftist president. Fico (47 years old) is currently the primary opposition to Gustavo Petro. His victory in the Historic Pact movement made him one of the most well-known politicians in Colombia.

The presidential campaign is only beginning. How the ex-mayor from Medellin will be able to fight petrismo and form alliances and negotiate with other countries will determine the success of his campaign. He will not only be required to bring together the entire right under his banner however, he must also to win over a portion of the voters of the center, which was deflated on Sunday and without a remarkable leadership. To do this, he has to keep avoiding, exactly the way he has been with AlvaroUribe. picture. Today, for just the second time in 20 year that he has been openly endorsed by Uribism rather than adding might be a negative. “Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He has to form an alliance, on Uribe’s behalf and the Democratic Center. However, he has to convince Uribe, the center that must decide on its course,” Yann basset, analyst at the University of Rosario.

Fico’s first triumph was announced this week as it began to form an alliance with CD, where uribism can be concentrated. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga (the former presidential candidate) stood aside and acknowledged his inability to compete with him. He provided his assistance. The next step is to see whether the entire Uribismo that was left without one is in support of the candidate. Uribe should be open to his support and seek to convince his supporters with the old questions of Colombian right. This shouldn’t be difficult. He has already demonstrated that he can add votes with his speech on “security”,” “order”, and “love for the fatherland”. to what he said during his stint in the Antioquia mayor’s office, he confirmed it with the consultation on elections. While visiting Arauca in Colombia, which is a particularly violent area Fico stated that “the bandits are in jail” or “in a grave”. Fico is conscious of the Colombian right’s preferences, but that will not suffice for him. claims that we’re not in 2018 when the fear of a left-wing government has worked as well. “This time, the electorate does not feel scared.” Basset says Fico could not receive Uribe’s approval due to the fact that Alvaro Uribe isn’t the supreme leader that the nation has seen since 2002, at the time Uribe was elected president. The vote of Uribismo are still crucial to Gutierrez.—a-friend-of-FARC-Chavista-expropriator-friend-of-FARC-05-25 is also the reason for the victory within the coalition. His ability as a negotiator will be evaluated: to convince the right but not to invest everything to build this alliance,” Basset warns. Andres Mesjia Vergnaud, analyst commenting on Fico’s ties with the former president: “The great difficulty of Federico Gutierrez’s desire to win the support of Uribismo but without the photo of Uribe as it does not fit him to be his presidential candidate.”

Gustavo Petro is left-leaning, while Gustavo Petro is right-leaning. However, Fico – if he can reach a compromise and persuade Gustavo Petro to support him. Rodolfo Hernandez, who ran independently, is still in the race. Gutierrez should include in his list former Mayor Bucaramanga the billionaire builder who was able to win in elections due to his message against corruption in a humorous voice.

Gutierrez has a lot to work on before he’s able to even consider possible presidential formula names, however, he is supported by a number of the other candidates in the Team for Colombia coalition. This isn’t a small number. There are by (Bogota) and Alex Char (Barranquilla); the leader of the Conservative party, David Barguil, and a woman, Aydee Lizarazo. They are members of an Christian party, who usually makes judicious decisions based on the instructions from the lectern of his church.

Alongside the strengthened Conservative Party, it was the most popular right-wing force in Congress with more than two million votes. The U Party also supported it with a stunning vote with just more than 1 million votes. The support of Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who has not allowed a lot of time to pass after Sunday’s elections, to assume his defeat before a possible confrontation for the votes of the right, provides Fico a new push within the conservatism sector however, it distances Fico from possible votes from the center. The statement of Alvaro Uribe, the former President, which summoned his party to a meeting on Tuesday, will decide whether Fico will sacrifice his chances to be a center-right candidate to be openly the Uribe who is blessed.