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Since the election on Sunday night Federico Fico Gutierrez , the Colombian presidential candidate has been the strongest. Although is not the first time that his name appears on an electoral card – he has been mayor and councilor of Medellin – his first test in a presidential election, where he achieved more than 2 million votes in the Team for Colombia coalition, they place him as an ideal candidate for the conservative groups or those who are scared when they think of the possibility of a leftist president. Fico (47 years old) is now the most prominent opponent to Gustavo Petro. His victory in the Historic Pact movement made him one of the most prominent politicians in Colombia.

The presidential campaign is only beginning. The question of whether the former mayor of Medellin can be the true counterweight to petrismo depends on the alliances and negotiations which he develops in the coming days. won’t just have to unite the entire right under his banner and name, but also to conquer a part of the voters of the center, which was deflated on Sunday and lacking a strong leadership. To achieve this, he must continue to avoid, just like he has done with AlvaroUribe. picture. For the first time in the past 20 years, the open support for uribism, rather than adding, could reduce. “Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He must form an alliance with Uribe’s Democratic Center (CD), but he will also have convince Uribe’s central.

The first victory of Fico was achieved on Monday, as the company was moving towards the alliance with CD, in which uribism is a prime target. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga the former presidential candidate, decided to step down, recognized his few options of competing with him and offer his support. Now we will examine if the whole Uribismo group – that is without an elected representative – is doing the same. Uribe can be seen publicly supporting the cause and trying to convince his supporters that he supports the Colombian right. His speech about “security” and “order”, “opportunities”, and “love the country” already showed that he has added voters. Like he did during his time in Antioquia’s mayor’s office and he confirmed this with the consultation on elections. “The bandits in prison or in a grave”” Fico stated recently on a visit to Arauca which is a region that has been particularly hit by violence. Fico is aware of what the Colombian right-wing likes but that won’t suffice for Fico.

Basset states, “We aren’t in 2018 in which the fear of left worked well,” Basset says Fico would not be able to get Uribe’s approval in the event that the Alvaro Uribe figure isn’t the one that the nation has been accustomed to since 2002 in the year 2002, when Uribe was elected president. However, this doesn’t mean that Uribismo’s votes Uribismo even if they are below the table aren’t important to Gutierrez such as what happened on Sunday or during his first attempt to reach the office of the mayor of Medellin, when Uribe was a supporter of him, even more than the candidate from his party. Uribism helped in the win [in the coalition]. Basset warnsthat “Now his skill as a negotiator in winning the coalition] is assessed: to convince right, and not to spend all on the alliance.” Andres Mejia Vergnaud who is an analyst, discusses the relationship between Fico and the former president. “The biggest problem to Federico Gutierrez, however, is that he wants Uribismo’s support, but without Uribe’s photo because it’s not his style to be his nominee.”

On the left there is only one candidate, Gustavo Petro, on the right there is still a man who is heading for the presidential election until Fico is able to negotiate, or in the event that he is able to negotiate – convinces him to resign and offer him support. Rodolfo Sanchez, who campaigned on his own, is still in the race. Gutierrez will need to include the former Bucaramanga mayor, a millionaire and builder on his list of accomplishments if he wishes to end the petrismo.

Gutierrez will have a lot to negotiate before he thinks about possible formulas for the presidency. But, what Gutierrez does have is the cooperation and support of other candidates on the Team for Colombia presidency. It’s not just a little. Two ex-mayors Enrique Penalosa(Bogota) and Alex Char (Barranquilla), are on his side. David Barguil, the leader and founder of the Conservative party is along with Aydee Zarazo. Aydee Lizarazo from a Christian Party who usually votes in accordance to his church’s guidelines.

In addition to the more powerful Conservative Party (which won the most votes of right-wing groups for Congress by more than two million votes), it also enjoys the support and sympathy of U Party, which had an outstanding vote at the legislature, winning just under a million votes. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga supported Fico and didn’t take until after the results of Sunday’s election to accept his loss ahead of a potential confrontation with the votes for the right. This will give Fico an extra boost in a segment of conservatism and keeps him farther from the center. The words of former President Alvaro Uribe says, who summoned his party to a gathering on Tuesday is the most important information needed to decide in the event that Fico takes a risk for a moderate position in exchange for being openly the Uribe’s blessing.