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This Sunday’s consultation of the “Team for Colombia” was a success for ‘Fico’ Gutierrez. triumph with 2 160.329. 54.11 percent of votes were deposited during the internal electoral process.

Gutierrez was in attendance at the inaugural debate of presidential candidates after the elections for legislative. He was extremely measured with Gustavo Petro who won the Historic Pact consultation and Ingrid Betancourt an independent candidate. These were his answers.

‘We more centralism’: Federico Gutierrez during his time at

The results of the election on Sunday are vital.

The first issue of the great debate was to examine Sunday’s election results. “It seems that we have one advantage in the second round. This is a fact in politics. Fico stated that he hoped that the team could unite and win the first round. “A large portion of the fate of our country is in the balance.”

Following the discussion, the likelihood of winning in round one was discussed. Team for Colombia’s presidential candidate said: “The numbers speak for them.” Our coalition was among the smallest, it’s been three months. We’re only a few minutes away from signing the Historic Pact. It is evident that we are the only ones that can stand up to populist and authoritarian initiatives such as Petro in the second round.

Petrol The most difficult question is:

Federico Gutierrez was questioned by Gustavo Petro during the debate about the inclusion of Piedad Cordoba into his lists. “How is it possible to claim that you do not support any person with a criminal record in the list if Piedad Cordoba has negotiated with a number of kidnapped persons and joined the Chavez government, which is a danger to Colombia?” ” Fico remarked Fico and expressed his solidarity with Ingrid Betancourt, who accused Cordoba of “trading in kidnapping”.

Gutierrez later slammed Petro and said he was “friend of FARC”.

“Those who attack others, those who kidnapped and stole money and killed are the owners and masters of war. I have employed a weapon in my life that was different from yours. I have moral authority and have the right to discuss peace. I will make the FARC, your allies, and your friends to abide by the agreement because they haven’t fulfilled their peace agreements.

Zuluaga is spotted at the Gutierrez campaign

Gutierrez then addressed the next subject: Oscar Ivan Zurluaga’s announcement of his campaign. “Zuluaga called me to thank me and encourage me to back his candidacy,” he said. I said to him, I thank you for your personal position and that I would speak to him. But I’m going to meet with a number of different sectors that want to support our candidacy.” Gutierrez clarified that he wasn’t Uribe’s nominee, but would accept support.

He also said: “Those of us who believe in freedom and democracy need to unite. I will be meeting with teachers. With the cooperative sector, they’re to present the country with a national agenda and show how we can contribute to it.

Gutierrez in the middle of the discussion she rebuked Ingrid Betancourt to “whom is saying that one can be the only good one” and “that everybody is corrupt or evil.”

“You don’t have to tell me that I’ve bad intentions when I don’t have one corruption scandal, and I’ve done a decent policy.” she reproached the candidate and said: is there truly no good person candidate in Central America? If I’m elected president, which I am the next president, I will be united. I don’t know whether they’re right-leaning or left-leaning but I’ll rule in the most efficient way possible.

Ingrid then made accusations against him that he was “being supported” by machines like Los Char and Dilian Francisca Toro. He added, “I am a man who has character.” He said he’d make many alliances, however, he also said that his character is strong enough to resist violence and corruption.

“Petro is acting dumb”

Federico Gutierrez launched a new point to Gustavo Petro, stating that the former president is accompanied, among other people, by Armando Benedetti (an ex-senator with an agenda for the end of dominion). In the event that he got no response, he stated that the candidate from Historic Pact “always acts dumb.”

What do health professionals suggest?

The mayor of the past Medellin proposed his idea for the health system. We want to eliminate the long lines. We’ll promote prevention and wellness, integration between the IPS and EPS, implementation of the Siga method, in which triage is performed and determined which clinic you’ll be treated depending on the severity of your condition.

He stated that better conditions are needed for health workers , and that they must have “guaranteed linkage”. He clarified that he wouldn’t eliminate EPS but that he would strengthen the care system. He also stated that any EPS which does not perform is removed.

Relations with America

In response to the question: Will you reconsider your relationship with the United States? Gutierrez responded, “I will maintain a good bilateral relationship with the United States. Some issues must be rethought. We are planning to build the system of production across the nation. This will create more of a political and commercial relationship.

UU is what can make the U.S. so problematic today. It forces us to realize that the world has changed, and that there is an emerging nation that could not only produce more food, and export products of high quality.

Gutierrez utilized the occasion to make a bid for Petro: “The blockades that you Petro demanded to close roads have had an impact on the price food items. Gutierrez said that many people wonder why eggs and chicken cost so much because they were obstructed by roads.

Gutierrez reaffirmed Petro’s claim that the government “is going to expropriate” but also noted that his administration will offer low-cost loans to farmers, strengthen irrigation districts, and recognize land ownership. ask questions to candidates

It was the responsibility of Federico Gutierrez to answer his position in front of the Uribe and Duque government: “I am clear that from August 7, everything that works, independent of the government, I will keep the system, and if it isn’t working, I will make it better,” he said.

He added, “The concept of security is vital, yet essential and I’d like to blend them with the social.” Three helicopters will arrive with social investment in the event that the military is required to be deployed in the conflict zone.

Gutierrez criticised Petro for saying that they should give them the current help via Families in Action. It stated that it must ensure that the family has the minimum vitality of energy, water and food, but not force the person to give up his life or make him poor. Look at Venezuela.

Pension debate

Gutierrez suggested, to help improve pension issues, that “the capacity of the state for territorial entities be used to boost the amount of money invested in fixed assets, such as roads, schools and roads.” Gutierrez further stated that there were 20 million pesos worth worth of mafia assets which can be managed by the state.

He said that he would introduce a law to permit more domain extinction judges and prosecutor, so that the funds can be used to support health and education as well as pensions for the three million people who have a pension. He stated, “The resources are there. You just need to understand where they’re.”

The Pope’s appointments during the campaign?

The debate focused on the visits of candidates such as Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Gutierrez to Pope Francis. Fico Gutierrez claimed that the reason that people are planning to visit Pope Francis is that they do’t know him. Even though I’m familiar with him I am going to be there today with Colombians. I met him in Medellin during the papal visit, and I was capable of listening to him quite a bit that day.”

Relations with Venezuela

The final topic of the discussion was the relationship between Venezuela and its neighbors. Gutierrez stated that Maduro’s relationship with Colombia was through the FARC and the Eln, dissidents as well as Piedad, Petro. Maduro is a dictatorship, can’t be recognized as a legitimate government. There is however a real world that is at the frontier.”

He said that traffic on the roads should be permitted due to the trade issue which is being dealt with by criminal organizations. Maduro is not recognized by the government. Business decisions should be taken at or near the border.

Gutierrez, in an argument about the issue, was in the opportunity to engage in a new dispute in a dispute with Petro. He remarked that he’s unable defend “his allies” Russia, Syria, Venezuela and so on.

He also decried the idea that Colombia will be cut off from oil and coal. “That is the reason renewable energy initiatives like wind and solar are in the works. We are taking steps towards that, and we are going to double the capacity.”

Gutierrez sent a goodbye message: “Petro. I am the president of the Colombians.”